Valiant Finance Funds Unveils Innovative Digital Mining Funds in Collaboration with Deep Hash Mining

BOSTON, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Valiant Finance Funds is excited to announce the official launch of two groundbreaking digital mining funds. In collaboration with Deep Hash Mining and its experienced management team, Valiant Digital Mining introduces two innovative investment products designed to provide investors unparalleled opportunities.

Fund I offers a unique investment experience with monthly interest payments, allowing investors to enjoy monthly returns on their investments. According to Sean Campbell, Head of Distribution, “This product is tailored to those seeking a steadier income stream from the dynamic world of digital mining.”

Meanwhile, Fund II provides a distinct avenue for investors looking to share in the profits generated from Bitcoin mining directly. Valiant Digital Mining’s partnership with Deep Hash Mining ensures a strategic and efficient approach in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Key Features of Valiant Digital Mining Funds:

  1. Monthly Interest Payments (Fund I): Investors can benefit from regular returns through monthly interest payments, providing stability in the digital mining space.
  2. Profit Sharing from Bitcoin Mining (Fund II): For those seeking a more direct involvement in the Bitcoin mining process, Fund II allows investors to share in the profits generated, aligning their interests with the success of the mining operations.

Per COO Katherine Brand, “Valiant remains committed to delivering innovative investment solutions, and the launch of Valiant Digital Mining marks a significant stride in providing investors with access to the dynamic and lucrative world of digital mining.”

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About Valiant Finance Funds: Valiant Finance Funds is an institution dedicated to providing innovative investment solutions. With a focus on cutting-edge opportunities, Valiant Funds empowers investors to navigate and thrive in dynamic markets.

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