The UV-LED Board Evaluation Kit Arrives-Newest Addition to Family of Design Enablement Tools to Improve the Human Condition

CHICAGO, Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Industrial Representatives, Inc., (IRI) announces today the newest addition to its suite of design enablement tools, a UV-LED evaluation driver board, which provides control and power regulation to a series of emitter boards. The UV emitter boards feature UVA and UVC LEDs from Vishay Intertechnology. The driver board and emitter boards simplify proof-of-concept and reduce overall time-to-market.

The DR5 driver board includes a USB connection to monitor on-time, power level, and emitter board temperature for long-term testing. A full kit includes a driver board mated to a UV emitter board. The DR5-A365 kit features six of Vishay’s VLMU3511-365-130 UVA emitters with a peak wavelength of 365 nm and typical power of 1,000 mW at a forward current of 600 mA. For UVC applications, the DR5-C275T kit features six of the VLMU35CT20-275-120 emitters with a peak wavelength of 274 nm and typical radiant power of 21.5 mW at a forward current of 180 mA.

UV-LEDs emit electromagnetic radiation in wavelengths of 200 – 400 nanometers. Design engineers use the radiant power of UVA and UVC emitters in a wide range of applications. Medical cell imaging, DNA sequencing, polymer and ink curing, forensic analysis, and bug zappers use UVA emitters. Sterilization of contaminated surfaces, air, and water use UVC emitters.

UVC products have been instrumental in killing the COVID-19 virus in hospitals, medical offices, and public areas. Design engineers accelerate activity in these application areas by using IRI’s UV-LED evaluation board and emitter board. Because UVA and UVC wavelengths are not visible to the human eye, each emitter board includes an indicator LED, which illuminates when the UV emitters are powered up.

"You do the math, verify your calculations, and look for any anomalies you didn’t or couldn’t predict. Engineers can fully integrate the UVLED evaluation kit into whole systems instead of mimicking an integration at a desk, says IRI design engineer Josh Hulbert. "The UV-LED evaluation kits are part of our mission to help proliferate new technologies out into the world, and UV-LED products hold potential for improving the human condition."

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Contact: Josh Hulbert, Design Engineer

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