Tahoma Engineered Solutions Designs and Builds Custom Automation Machines

ASHLAND, Ohio, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tahoma Engineered Solutions, a leading manufacturer of precision machined parts and wire formed products, has recently designed, and is in the process of building, large custom automation machines.

“We are finding that more customers are looking for our capabilities of designing and building machines that will provide manufacturing facilities with greater capabilities,” explained Jerry Lynch, General Manager of Tahoma Engineered Solutions. “We are capable of building machines that have thousands of parts.”

Along with our sister company, MP Technologies, Tahoma Engineered Solutions has many years of experience in designing and building this type of large machinery used in automotive production lines.

Tahoma Engineered Solutions is located off interstate I-71 just north of Columbus, Ohio, which means one-day access to half of the population of the U.S. and one-third of the population of Canada. The company operates two shifts of four 10-hour days during the week and also runs a 12-hour Friday/Saturday/Sunday shift. 

By taking advantage of their in-house precision machined parts capability, the company has been able to streamline the building process. They are responsible for building, programming, wiring, and testing the completed machines before delivery. Machines and processes are fully debugged and demonstrated prior to shipping.

About Tahoma Engineered Solutions

Tahoma Engineered Solutions, a business unit of Tahoma Enterprises, is ISO 9001-2015 certified. They have built a strong reputation for precision machining and are specifically known for the precision manufacturing of large hydraulic manifolds and creating custom wire assemblies. For more information, call 419-496-0964 or visit www.tahomaengineeredsolutions.com.

Media Contact: Christine Brown

SOURCE Tahoma Engineered Solutions