Sway AI Announces Its No-Code Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform to Accelerate AI Adoption in Every Enterprise

CHELMSFORD, Mass., Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sway AI today announced its no-code AI platform for enterprise users and data scientists alike. With Sway AI’s platform, enterprises can rapidly build and deploy AI solutions without AI experience or upfront investments.

Sway AI believes that "there’s a better way to do AI" by helping enterprises build without expensive upfront investments in AI tools or skillsets. Through its patent-pending technology, Sway AI enables any user to build AI without writing code. Using Sway AI, data scientists and AI experts can collaborate with stakeholders and build prototypes faster, dramatically reducing their time-to-deployment.

AI promises to transform almost every aspect of how we live and work. McKinsey estimates AI can create between $3.5T and $5.8T in value annually across 19 industries. They also report that successful enterprises have realized triple-digit ROIs when implementing AI.

However, Gartner estimates that 85% of AI projects are never deployed. Enterprise AI has long been time-consuming, costly, and risky.­­­ It often requires significant upfront investments in skillsets or rapidly evolving tools. Even when enterprises commit to these investments upfront, AI projects can still fail from a lack of stakeholder engagement and collaboration. These risks have long been barriers to AI adoption across industries.

Sway AI addresses these barriers by offering a no-code development platform without the investments that AI often requires. Its collaboration features engage business stakeholders and domain experts throughout the AI development cycle, improving business alignment, reducing risk, and driving increased ROIs.

Sway AI has built a growing pipeline of enterprise customers looking to build AI solutions quickly. For example, it partnered with Trilogy Networks and Veea to provide a turnkey AI solution for precision farming. "Sway AI’s platform optimizes models for our real-time low-latency performance needs, which will be critical to the success of our edge AI applications. Through our partnership with Sway AI, we will be able to enhance the edge computing solutions without significant additional investments at the network edge," noted Allen Salmasi, CEO & Chairman of Veea.

 "Enterprises faced the daunting task of selecting from a growing and complex marketplace of AI tools, technologies, and models. Sway AI’s platform simplifies this everchanging AI ecosystem by offering best-of-class AI tooling through its platform. By using Sway AI – enterprises can expect the best AI capabilities available without going through complex evaluation exercises and committing to inflexible technology choices. With Sway AI, an enterprise can reduce development and deployment costs by up to 10x and deployment time from months to hours", said Amir Atai, Sway AI CEO and Co-Founder.

Amir also noted, "This platform accelerates large enterprises’ data science teams by helping them rapidly prototype their models. Our platform offers unmatched levels of transparency and collaboration with enterprise stakeholders, which can make all the difference to the success of an AI strategy."

"At Sway AI, we have been carefully listening to our customer’s unmet needs. We are the first to offer this combination of enterprise AI capabilities, including a business-user interface, a marketplace of pre-built applications, enterprise collaboration, bring-or-export your models, and an open and extensible architecture. Sway AI offers best-in-class open-source capabilities as a future-proof platform. This minimizes investment and adoption risks, especially as the growth of AI tools accelerate," stated Jitender Arora, Sway AI Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder.

Sway AI is an early no-code innovator founded by several successful entrepreneurs. Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Hassan Ahmed recently served as Chairman and CEO of Affirmed Networks, acquired by Microsoft in 2020. Amir Atai was an executive in three successful startups, the Chief Scientist at Bellcore and Alcatel/Nokia and VP/CTO at Ericsson. Jitender Arora served in many successful startups as engineering/product leader including Acme Packet, acquired by Oracle for $2.1B and led the product management of Amazon Alexa AI/ML Platform.

"AI should no longer be complicated, expensive or hard," said Hassan Ahmed. "AI development often involves consultants, RFPs, engineers, and other costly third-parties that often complicate the problem and add risk. We make sense of the complex and rapidly evolving AI ecosystem to put AI in the hands of business users."

To learn more about Sway AI and its no-code AI solution, visit https://sway-ai.com/

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Headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, Sway AI is a developer of cutting-edge, no-code AI applications and services, offering scalable solutions for enterprises of all sizes. It was founded by proven investors and innovators who started by reinventing how AI projects should be done in a thoughtful, innovative way for all enterprises.

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