Stellar Solar Michigan Founding Partners Detail How Residential Solar Transcends Politics in Animated Video

The conservative, centrist and liberal executive team of Kent Harle, Brian Grems and Michael Powers have worked together for 25 years, installing solar on over 15,000 homes and businesses that reflect their own wide range of political beliefs. This video details their story and conveys how solar can unite people regardless of their politics as a clean energy source that saves money.

ROYAL OAK, Mich., Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Stellar Solar, one of the most experienced solar and battery storage installers in the United States since 1998, has released this short video to convey the message that residential solar can work for anyone, regardless of their political views, who are looking to save money with clean energy. It details, in a light-hearted animated format, how the Stellar founding partners have overcome and learned to embrace their political differences to reach customers from the left, right and center of the political spectrum.

Stellar Solar Vice President of Marketing David Boylan has been working with the three partners for 13 years and noticed their political differences early on and how they always came together over their common passion for solar to build one of the most successful solar and battery companies in the country. He integrated those differences into his marketing strategy that set out to reach both conservatives and liberals through a wide range of media including NPR and conservative talk platforms. Boylan also felt their story needed to be shared during these politically divisive times when crossing the political isle to get things done for the common good is rare, and the public may have positive or negative views on solar based on their politics.

That story is conveyed in the “How Solar Transcends Politics” short video that he wrote and produced. He had this to say about how it came together: “First off, I will admit that there have been some spirited political debates between the partners over the years, occasionally with me as a moderator. But they always ended up with the partners working through their differences then getting back to the important business of spreading the solar word. I felt strongly that their story of collaboration was worth being told. This concept is playing out in Michigan right now with several very important residential solar and battery storage bills coming up for a vote that should have bipartisan support. Solar and battery storage has thrived in states with both Republican and Democratic leadership and our armed forces, and many major corporations have all embraced solar. And that’s because it makes sense for so many home and business owners. To oversimplify it, it can save people money while resulting in a cleaner environment and those benefits should cross party lines. With that, the partners agreed to be animated sitting on a donkey, an elephant and a scooter, and read my script to promote this important message of not just the power of solar to transcend politics but conveying their civility and good humor in the process.”

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