SmarTech Issues New Market Report on Post-Processing for Additive Manufacturing: Sees a $1.8 Billion Market By 2031

NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SmarTech Analysis’ new report, “Additive Manufacturing Post Processing: State of the Market and Looking Ahead,” provides the necessary raw data and analysis for management, investors, users, product planners, and marketers to further their understanding of this critical path in the AM workflow.

This report provides the reader with a detailed understanding of the changing market dynamics that are causing additional emphasis of these operational steps, a review of the top suppliers of post-processing equipment and services, and a series of market forecasts examining year over year trends and industry breakdowns. The report is authored by Mike Vasquez, PhD, founder of noted industry consultancy 3Degrees. 

The report also details the roles and requirements for 3D printing post-processing, a critical yet often overlooked part of the overall additive manufacturing workflow. The term encompasses a broad set of operations after any part comes out of the printer. This can include cleaning, coloring, surface finishing, curing, heat treating, and other manufacturing operations. 

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About the Report

As materials and printing technologies have improved, new applications are within reach of the current cost and technical capabilities of additive manufacturing. One element that has helped to move this process along is the maturation of post-processing technologies for a variety of Additive Manufacturing printing modalities. For now, AM represents a small portion of the overall end-product manufacturing market, but that portion is growing.

In nearly all 3D-printing operations some amount of post processing is required to remove supports, excess powder, or basic curing. However, the industry has seen the evolution of printing-specific operations that target known shortcomings of AM parts, like surface roughness or material performance.

This report surveys the major companies providing services and products to directly target the post-processing operations involved in additive manufacturing, including but not limited to: AM-FLOW, AMT, DyeMansion, PostProcess, Solukon, Bel Air Finishing, Gasbarre, Hiperbaric, and MicroTek Finishing.

From the Report
  • The polymer post-processing market is estimated to be $145 million in 2022 and forecast to eclipse $466 million by 2031. For metals, market size is estimated at $175 million in 2022 and forecast to hit $1.3 billion in 2031.
  • Automotive is the largest market for polymer post-processing. For metal post-processing, Aerospace is the largest.
  • End-users are increasingly making decisions as to how best to integrate finishing operations into their production workflow, either in partnership with strategic finishing operations suppliers or by bringing automation technology in-house.
  • The effects of a shifting workforce dynamic have resulted in a trend within the industry towards automation to minimize the labor required but also to increase overall throughput for high production volume applications.
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