Sinusoid Pty Ltd Introduces RPE4 Absolute Analog 4-20mA Rotary Encoder

SYDNEY, July 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sinusoid Pty Ltd has released its new absolute analog 4-20mA current output rotary encoder, the RPE4. This encoder replaces and improves on the successful and popular RPE3. The RPE4 encoder offers continuous monitoring of shaft position for speeds of up to 7500rpm with 4-20mA output at 12 bit resolution. Applications include process control, materials handling, vehicle controls and robotics.

Industrial sensor monitoring and control often takes place a great distance from the actual sensor location. Long cable runs can cause inaccuracies and interference to the signal. Sensors based on voltage or digital output are subject to cable resistance and interferences. Current loop sensors overcome many of these problems as the signal deteriorates little over increasing cable runs. Sinusoid’s new RPE4 encoder provides 4-20mA current loop output for continuous monitoring of shaft position at rotational speeds up to 7500rpm.

The RPE4 detects the shaft position using a magnetically coupled, hall-effect based 12 bit digital sensor chip, the output of which is converted to the 4-20mA current loop signal. The RPE4 can operate over a wide voltage supply range of 12 to 30VDC, increasing its scope for a variety of applications, and provides insensitivity to supply voltage fluctuations and cable run length.

Sinusoid Pty Ltd’s managing director Mark Vitnell says, “While undertaking some redesign in response to chip shortages for other products, we found we could get even better performance than the RPE3 by using a digital sensor front end to the encoder. The result is the RPE4. We are pleased to offer customers greater resolution, wider supply voltage range and greater thermal stability, amongst other things.”

RPE4 is available in 8mm, 6.35mm (1⁄4″) and 6mm shaft diameters.

The encoders are robustly constructed in anodised aluminium, and have dual 8mm ID ball bearings for shaft support. Body dimensions are 30x30mm diameter and mounting is by flange with 3 x M3 screws.

RPE4 adds to the existing Sinusoid encoder products RPE1, absolute analog voltage, and RPE2, dual output digital (quadrature and PWM). All Sinusoid RPE rotary encoders are made in Australia.

The RPE4 is a direct replacement for the RPE3 encoder and requires no physical or electrical changes to an existing design.

Typical applications are:

  • Lever angle sensor
  • Conveyors
  • Valve angle sensor
  • Autonomous guided vehicles
  • Mining
  • Door position sensing
  • Medical robotics
  • Materials handling
  • Long run cabling
  • Robotics encoder
  • Industrial actuator position
  • Control position indicator
  • Front panel switch
  • Gearbox speed sensor
  • Process control

Product details
RPE4-8 Absolute analog 4-20mA rotary encoder, 8mm dia. shaft

RPE4-635 Absolute analog 4-20mA rotary encoder, 6.35mm (1⁄4″) dia. Shaft

RPE4-635-S Absolute analog 4-20mA rotary encoder, 6.35mm (1⁄4″) dia. shaft, short

RPE4-6 Absolute analog 4-20mA rotary encoder, 6mm dia. Shaft

RPE4 rotary encoders are available from Sinusoid Pty Ltd on their website

Located in Sydney, Australia, Sinusoid Pty Ltd produces electronic parts and software products.

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