Sciaky Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary of EBAM® Technology

CHICAGO, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sciaky Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, and a leading provider of advanced welding systems and 3D printing solutions, celebrates the 25-Year anniversary of its Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM®) technology. For the past 25 years, Sciaky’s EBAM® has transformed the additive manufacturing industry, revolutionizing the way manufacturers create large-scale metal parts with unrivaled speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness.

Since its inception 25 years ago, EBAM® technology has grown from a slow, methodical process into a rapid and robust method to produce large, complex metal parts. Sciaky’s development of EBAM® began in 1997, with research on a new manufacturing process using an Electron Beam welder and wire feedstock. In 1998, with the addition of optics systems designed for the process, and formal development beginning, the process known today as EBAM® began to take shape, and would become commercially available 10 years later.

Employing a high-powered electron beam to fuse metal wire layer-by-layer, EBAM® delivers impressive deposition rates of up to 40lb (18kg) of metal per hour, enabling the rapid fabrication of parts up to 250″x78″x70″ (6.35m x 2m x 1.8m). This remarkable speed makes EBAM® a game-changer for industries such as aerospace, defense, oil and gas, automotive, and more, where large-scale components are often in demand.

“Sciaky is thrilled to celebrate the anniversary of our EBAM® technology, which has been at the forefront of additive manufacturing innovation,” said Scott Phillips, President at Sciaky Inc. “Over the years, we have witnessed remarkable advancements in our technology, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in additive manufacturing. Today, EBAM® stands as a trusted solution, offering unmatched efficiency, cost savings, and design freedom to our valued customers worldwide.”

EBAM® technology’s unique features provide manufacturers with a range of benefits, including reduced material waste, shorter lead times, and increased design flexibility. By utilizing wire feedstock instead of powder, EBAM® minimizes waste and cost, leading to significant cost savings and sustainability advantages. Moreover, the ability to fabricate near-net shape parts reduces the need for costly post-processing and machining, optimizing production time and costs.

Sciaky’s EBAM® technology has enabled manufacturers to realize complex geometries and lightweight designs that were previously unattainable using traditional manufacturing methods. With the freedom to create intricate internal structures and consolidated assemblies, engineers can now optimize part performance and reduce weight, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and enhanced overall functionality.

In recent years, Sciaky’s EBAM® technology has been leveraged by renowned organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Airbus, and the US Military, who have embraced the advantages of additive manufacturing to gain a competitive edge. The versatility of EBAM® has enabled these customers to produce large-scale, high-quality parts with exceptional precision, unmatched speed, and reduced production costs.

As Sciaky celebrates this momentous milestone, the company remains committed to advancing the field of additive manufacturing. Sciaky’s dedicated team of engineers and researchers continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with EBAM®, exploring new materials, enhancing deposition rates, and expanding the size of build envelopes to cater to evolving industry demands.

About Sciaky Inc.:

Sciaky Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries (PSI), is a leading provider of advanced welding systems and additive manufacturing solutions. With over [number] years of experience, Sciaky has established a reputation for delivering innovative, high-quality products that empower manufacturers across various industries. The company’s EBAM® technology has revolutionized large-scale metal part production, enabling faster, more cost-effective manufacturing processes.

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