Saint James Holding and Investment Company Trust (SJT) Enters Into Mining Sector

BATON ROUGE, La., Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Saint James Holding and Investment Company Trust (SJT) announces that it has executed a contract mining agreement with NVC Fund Holding Trust.

NVC Fund Holding Trust is the registered and beneficial owner of mineral exploration properties located in Carbon County Wyoming, and has engaged SJT to mine, process, package, store, and ship certain minerals including gold, silver, platinum and rhodium.

“The mineral reserves at these locations will provide liquidity via futures contracts, to develop our self-sustaining intentional community initiatives in North America and across the globe,” said Elder Jeffre Saint James

SJT has selected Anglin Construction, a Native American Co, to supply all mining construction services to mine and shelve the finished product for property inventory storage.

About SJT – Saint James Holding and Investment Company Trust was originally founded in 1993 by Elder Jeffre Saint James, D. PSc, MBA, ordained minister, and a Service Disabled Veteran, as a small boutique financial service provider.  It’s management arm, R.A. Management Group LLC, spent 11 years in research and development for self-sustaining intentional communities. SJT has re-launched its platform to assist with the capital raising and backing of projects in the Americas – Africa and 57 nations worldwide.

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About NVC Fund Holding Trust – NVC Fund Holding Trust is a private equity investor in Natural Resources, Rare Earth, Oil and Gas, Entertainment, Real Estate Development, Private Banking, Trust Management, Wealth Aggregation, Investment Trading, Blockchain Technology, Fintech Cryptocurrency, and Business Financial Services.

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Media Contact:
Elder Jeffre Saint James, D.PSc, M.B.A.


Saint James Holding and Investment Company Trust’ (SJT) Finalizes Plans for Multiple Self-Sustaining Intentional Communities – Works to Create a Living Solution for Tribal State Nations and Other Dependent Populations in Search of Economic Autonomy



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