Recon and EV Blocks Ltd. Establish Vast Network of US Producers, Ship First EV Charging Station Foundation Forms

MINNEAPOLIS, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Minnesota-based precast concrete licensing company, Recon, together with UK-based EV Blocks Ltd. announce the first shipment of precast EV charging foundation forms to a newly-established network of producers.

The partnership between the two companies was first announced in August of 2022, and combines the innovation of the established UK charger foundation with Recon’s expertise in bringing precast products to market. This announcement was met with overwhelming interest by concrete producers and electrical contractors who saw the product at the National Electrical Contractors Association exhibition in Austin, TX.

“In just a few short months we have been able to establish agreements with producers in over 20 major markets throughout the US.” says Recon’s President Mike Klotthor “We are incredibly excited about the group that is coming together. These are experienced companies that have a history of producing quality products. Our producers are looking forward to helping fulfill the need for fast and reliable solutions to support the accelerating EV charging infrastructure buildout.”

Forms left the docks at the Coon Rapids, MN headquarters the week of April 17th, bound for their coast-to-coast destinations. Suppliers will receive training to ensure all procedures and quality standards are met. More information about the producer network can be found here.

Trevor Palmer, Director of EV Blocks, states, “Having producers accessible for EV installation contractors at a local level across the US is really important for us. There are a number of key design aspects that have made our product truly scalable, which will in turn enable installers to move swiftly from one project to the next. This expert network is poised to support the growth of the EV charging station infrastructure nationwide.”

EV Blocks precast foundations are currently sold across the UK with demand driven by a patent-pending design including a universal adaptor plate and side openings for conduit installation, ideal for nearly all Level 2 charger installations. Its precast nature eliminates the time it takes to pour and cure concrete foundations on-site. The blocks are produced ahead of time in approved facilities and come ready to install, saving days of labor and raw material order lead time.

About Recon

Formed in 2000, Recon now supports more than 60 licensed producers with their unique and innovative product lines as well as precast product marketing services. Over the years, millions of their products have been installed around the world. Recon is proud to be a leader in the precast concrete product space, supporting a growing network of producers. Learn more about their other products at | |

About EV Blocks

Based in the UK, EV Blocks produces an EV charging foundation made from precast concrete, coupled with a universal adaptor plate. EV Blocks was created to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, as the switch to electric mobility becomes mainstream. Learn more at

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