Quzara LLC, CORTAC Group, and Summit 7 Systems Announce Joint Partnership to form the CMMC Consortium

WASHINGTON, May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Quzara LLC, CORTAC Group and Summit 7 Systems announce a broader partnership to support Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance efforts across the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). These founding members bring deep regulatory and cybersecurity expertise, proven solutions, and Government Cloud Compliance and Managed Services. The core highlights of this Consortium include CMMC stakeholder guidance and advisory, consolidated intake, solutions architecture, and solutions that are supporting Government programs and projects.The CMMC Consortium will expand soon for Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and Industry Integrations partners who support the Defense Industrial Base.

How will the CMMC Consortium assist the industry?

The CMMC Consortium combines industry-leading organizations into an integrated solution by combining years of Government Security & Compliance experience, a deep understanding of Cloud Security and Zero Trust, right-sized and cost-optimized solutions for each supplier. These foundations enable the CMMC Consortium to provide support for the entire Compliance Lifecycle and Continuous Monitoring by combining CORTAC Group’s Compliance expertise, Summit 7’s Managed Services, and Quzara’s Cybertorch™ MSSP capabilities. “Like any compliance process, you first must know where you stand in implementing security in software, infrastructure, processes: where exactly are your CMMC Compliance gaps and what are the right solutions for your organization?” says Jerry Leishman, Executive Vice President & National Security & Compliance Director at CORTAC Group.

These integrated and managed services enable customers to inherit certified services from the Microsoft Government Cloud, including Azure Government and M365 GCC and GCC High Clouds. 
“Creating a core CMMC Consortium focus combines resources with a breadth of skills to architect, administer, manage and securely monitor these environments,” says Saif Rahman, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Quzara LLC.

Working closely with Microsoft on various defense industrial initiatives, the goal of the CMMC Consortium is to ensure that companies not only meet the necessary security control requirements as requested by the Department of Defense (DoD), but that they stay compliant with ongoing regulatory processes, vulnerability management, and security monitoring requirements.

The expertise of the CMMC Consortium partners significantly reduce timelines and complexities in a company’s journey in understanding and implementing the proper controls.

Why Microsoft Cloud for CMMC?

Microsoft is actively engaged with customers, partners, the CMMC Accreditation Body, and multiple industry working groups to develop the CMMC Acceleration Program. Microsoft Cloud provides a wide variety of Deployment and Service models for customers. Sovereign clouds, such as Azure Government, have controls in place for restricting access to only screened US persons with data processing and storage limited to within the Continental United States (CONUS). Sovereign clouds are more restricted in terms of the specificity of control requirements than other cloud environments. Building solutions on these platforms allows customers working with the CMMC Consortium to inherit CMMC practices with great confidence and meet the maturity requirements for CMMC compliance.  

“Summit 7 is pleased to join a highly qualified group of practitioners who are committed to utilizing the Microsoft Cloud to further align with the mission of the CMMC-AB to secure the DoD supply chain and protect our military’s greatest assets. The CMMC Consortium and partners will allow us to take adept strides from the onset to create a secure framework for customers, preparing them for certification,” says Scott Edwards, President of Summit 7.

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