Performance Plus Global Logistics Provides Insight on Expedited Freight Management

ST. CHARLES, Mo., July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Performance Plus Global Logistics (PPLUS Global), a renowned global leader in freight management solutions, has announced the release of a new blog post titled “Accelerating Supply Chains: How Freight Management Providers Expedite Freight for Domestic and International Shipments.” The article provides detailed insights into how freight management providers like PPLUS Global are enabling businesses to meet urgent delivery requirements and streamline their supply chains.

For 30+ years, PPLUS Global has been at the forefront of innovative freight management, developing solutions that ensure timely and efficient transportation of goods. Their new blog post discusses the comprehensive range of services that help expedite freight deliveries, providing businesses a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced global market.

“The current market demands speed, reliability, and efficiency in freight delivery. At PPLUS Global, we offer these and much more,” said Gordon Steffens, President & CEO of PPLUS Global. “Through this blog post, we aim to highlight how our extensive industry expertise, strategic carrier relationships, and advanced technology can help businesses optimize their logistics operations and meet their delivery deadlines.”

The blog post elaborates on several key aspects of freight management:

  • Industry Expertise and Network: Leveraging an extensive network of reliable carriers and a deep understanding of transportation modes and regulations.
  • Time-Sensitive Transportation Options: Offering flexible, expedited services tailored to customers’ requirements.
  • Carrier Relationships and Negotiated Rates: Ensuring priority access to capacity and favorable rates through established carrier relationships.
  • Supply Chain Visibility and Tracking: Providing real-time visibility into the entire supply chain.
  • Customs Expertise and Compliance: Navigating complex customs procedures for smooth international shipments.
  • Risk Mitigation and Insurance Coverage: Offering insurance coverage to mitigate potential losses during transit.

PPLUS Global’s latest blog post reaffirms its commitment to helping businesses overcome logistical challenges and optimize their operations.

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About PPLUS Global:

With over 60 years of experience in freight management, PPLUS Global is a trusted partner to businesses worldwide. They provide best-in-class custom solutions, leveraging industry-leading technology and a dedicated team to coordinate all aspects of freight, irrespective of the destination. Their services ensure efficient, reliable, and expedited deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving operational efficiency.

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