Metro Atlanta Company Provides North America’s Highest-Quality Automated Shrink Wrap Machines

ATLANTA, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to speed, CPS&S/Kallfass automated shrink wrap machines are unmatched. The longtime Atlanta-based importer offers the best automated shrink wrap machines in North America. Kallfass incorporates smooth design, high speed, and other stellar features into every machine. For a CD-sized item, the shrink wrap machines can run around 140 – 160 cycles per minute. The machines also use world-renowned German engineering. As part of their excellent design standards, Kallfass machines have the leading “Motion Control” technology in the industry.

Kallfass ensures that superior performance doesn’t come at a cost. Its machines are easy to operate, but they never compromise on quality or performance. Kallfass machines are standard with no programming demands in the field. That’s because the Windows-based software is easy to understand. Machines can be integrated randomly with all infeeds. Users also never have to deal with uneven spacing issues. The Side Seal system runs all films equally without changeover. Other benefits include energy regeneration with every cycle and no compressed air requirements.

Kallfass automated shrink wrap machines provide the flexibility that users crave. They provide top level performance with light gauge films as well as PE films. They’re also capable of running PLA film. Local parts are availability in ALL markets. The machines are also no-waste. That means if nothing is on the conveyor belt at the wrapping point, the machine doesn’t use a bag, saving substantial materials costs. On average, a Kallfass machine saves 10-15% on film costs.

“Our new Universa 500 Servo C is our most technologically advanced and fastest shrink wrapper, perfect for all industries. With a maximum packaging capacity of 160 cycles per minute this machine does not only offer a high-speed packaging performance, but also accurately dimensioned bags due to distortion-free film transport” – Brandon Goepfert

CPS&S/Kallfass stands ready to serve a variety of industries with their shrink wrap needs. CPS&S/Kallfass proudly serves the print and paper, food and bakery, contract packagers, building materials manufacturers, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. To the see the shrink wrap machines in action, check out the company’s vast video library. Watch how the machines tightly secure every product in shrink wrap, preventing damage to the valuable goods. When users choose CPS&S/Kallfass as their shrink wrap machine provider, they receive the highest speeds, ease of use, and flexibility.

About CPS&S/Kallfass            
CPS&S/Kallfass, based in Alpharetta, GA, leads in contemporary shrink wrap innovations. In 1990, Kallfass, an industry leader for automatic shrink wrap machines, opened its first branch in the United States to expand its global reach. Shortly after, in 1993, Complete Packaging Solutions & Systems was founded. For over 20 years, CPS&S has been selling and servicing Kallfass industrial shrink wrap machines at an affordable cost, helping companies achieve a positive ROI.

In 2001, CPS&S/Kallfass debuted the first 100% servo-controlled high-speed wrapper. Within the same year, it completely eliminated the pneumatic components from all of its side sealers. By 2006, the joint company had introduced its “hybrid” servo-controlled side sealer: Universa 500 Servo. This product is the only servo-controlled machine on the market with random infeed capability and high-speed operation.

The uptime level of Kallfass machines stands at more than 98.5 %, even with multi-shift operation. The company only uses high quality parts from suppliers with respected reputations. CPS&S/Kallfass’s quality management system, certified according to EN/ISO 9001, ensures that it’s providing top-of-the-line machinery and service.

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