Melodic New Single ‘Miracle 4we’ Sends a Striking Self Reflection of Something Forgotten

Anjalts new alternative Hip-hop rapture, finally released by IXO Music

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One divergent singer/songwriter is back with another swag-chill, vibrant single, “Miracle 4we” for new music Friday, Nov 18.  A rising musician is going it alone, writing, performing, and recording songs that move away from the conventional norms to spotlight our individuality as our best trait.  Boldly declaring, “it is our imperfection that connects us perfectly to each other.  Even if there are 8 billion people on this planet, each has a miracle within that can change anything for the better.” (Anjalts)

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“On this track, Anjalts’ voice flows naturally, and she had me remove all kinds of effects except for a bare reverb and sang it straight through.”  “Her home is the studio, and like some of her musical heroes  J Dilla and Sade, who never quantize beats, Anjalts keeps her vibe natural,” says Sinclair. “She is one of the few down-to-earth artists I have had the honor to work with, even if it’s just to push the ‘record” button in the studio.”

Anjalts music steps up for the voices she knows are being stifled and tends to gravitate to causes she highlights in her songs. Like the Amazon Rainforest fires that dominate her first album project, “Air to Fire.” Highlights a plea for immediate climate action to preserve vital ecosystems globally.

“We are calling for a miracle,” says Elle Asti, founder of IXO Music.  “It’s incredible to see how many young people are putting eco-friendly solutions in the minds of today’s leaders at events like this year’s COP27 conference in Egypt.”

Can the world reverse climate catastrophes before 2030 remains an unanswered question?  

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