Hayward Gordon Group Announces Launch of RMS Monitor

HALTON HILLS, Ontario, April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hayward Gordon Group, a leading manufacturer of pumps, mixers and other flow control products for critical process applications for the industrial, municipal, and sanitary industries, is pleased to announce the launch of the RMS Monitor™.

The RMS Monitor maintains a continuous watch over pump and mixer equipment and provides alerts about potential problems. Predictive information supplied by the Monitor enables users to address issues before mechanical failure occurs, reducing the risk of equipment damage and unplanned downtime. 

“With so much technology at our fingertips these days, it only made sense to develop a monitoring device that gives our customers piece of mind when they are both on and off site,” said Tim Sansom, VP of Aftermarket Services at the Hayward Gordon Group. “The RMS Monitor is small, scalable, and easy to use. This cost-effective device maintains a steadfast electronic vigil on pumps and mixers, resulting in better performance, fewer repairs, and a lot less worry.”

Attached to a pump or mixer, the system tracks temperature and vibrations and issues alerts if it notices any unusual changes. The RMS Monitor can also be programmed to watch for other potential hazards such as leakage and cavitation. In this manner, costly mechanical failures involving bearings, seals and other components can be avoided.  

The RMS Monitor is connected to a cellular network, not a Wi-Fi network. This Bluetooth-enabled solution doesn’t require any wiring, is simple to set up and always remains connected.

In addition to being precise, the RMS Monitor is tough and durable. Components and sensors are housed in a single, compact unit protected by a robust rubber enclosure.  

The perfect tool for operations and maintenance managers, the RMS Monitor can be used with pumps and mixers in chemical, municipal, mining, and general industry applications to name a few.

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