G.L.I.P. Generation Corp. Announces Plans to Replace the Grid One Home at a Time

SASKATOON, SK, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “We are going to replace the grid one house at a time and at one building at a time with our new breakthrough in magnetic field technology. The result to the consumer is approximately 1-3 cent per kwh. And it’s a planet saver, reducing fossil fuel by some 80%.” – GLIP Inventor David Joseph explained.

G.L.I.P. plans to use its new breakthrough in magnetic fields inside a generator called ZERG, an acronym for Zero Electromotive Repulsion Generator. The breakthrough technology is not a back up generator. Instead, it allows home and business owners to unplug from the grid entirely while incurring a fraction of the energy cost consumers currently pay. It will take the pressure off the grid: eventually replacing the grid entirely.

Brian Stone, professor from the Georgia Institute of Technology did a recent study on the viability of the North American grid and said, “Not only are blackouts increasing, but they’re increasing most rapidly in the summer months.”

ZERG technology will allow people to live without blackouts, taking control away from weather, power corporations and governments. They will be able to control their own power needs while helping the planet, reducing fossil fuels and the potential of devastating forest fires caused by grid failures.

The magnetic field breakthrough was called a ‘king maker’ by the US Department of Energy. Wayne Killen at the US Department of Energy confirmed the successful lab tests, introducing it this way, “[G.L.I.P.] …has developed a new e-motor/generator design that produces more kw from less kwh.

G.L.I.P. plans to start building ZERG units in 2024. Zero Electromotive Repulsion Generator ZERG, is an AC magnet-less generator, verified by 3rd party Intertek, a world renown company. The unit is approximately 34″ square and will produce a steady 60 kwh. Large homes or businesses will have available to them 150kwh and more.

The new magnetic field technology also allows wind turbines to be smaller, quieter, more powerful, and requiring less wind. They will be far less impactful on the global ecosystem, especially marine life.

Wind and water turbine versions will also be in the mix for ZERG at Home and business in 2024. The unit will be wi-fi ready and can be operated and monitored by a cell phone or another device. The new technology also has uses in electric vehicles as well.

DJ Whittaker summed it up this way, “The new technology will eventually make the grid obsolete. People will have their own virtual power company in the basement or closet. In the meantime, it will ease the pressure on the grid as people begin using the new technology for their homes and businesses.”

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