Fourth Annual Beyond Digital Transformation Conference Zeroes in on Mining Industry’s ‘Remote-First’ Shift

SUDBURY, ON, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On February 22, 2022, The 2022 Beyond Digital Transformation (BDT) Conference—BDT2022 – Mining the Distance, presented by—will bring together mining companies and industry suppliers to navigate the challenge of designing ‘remote-first’ mine sites for the first time ever.

Amid a period of rapid and intense disruption for the industry, BDT2022 will explore the risks, opportunities and rewards for forward-thinking mining companies who are shifting to remote operations.

"Planning for a ‘remote-first’ future doesn’t mean designing ‘crew-less’ mines, it means leveraging the right people’s knowledge and skills in targeted remote or on-site roles that keep them out of harm’s way while ensuring continued site productivity," says Stephen Flewelling, Chief Development Officer, Noront Resources Ltd., and BDT2022 Committee chair. "While the remote shift means different things to different sites, each company will need to address how they will better manage their environments and further reduce risk. By realizing the benefits of going ‘remote-first’, companies can attract new talent and take on more opportunities in increasingly challenging environments."

BDT2022 consists of three in-person events and 24 highly engaging virtual events. Participants will hear from mining companies and suppliers about their unique solutions and ideas on key industry enablers:

  1. Connectivity and Communication
  2. Power and Possibilities 
  3. Development and Design 
  4. Methods and Machinery 
  5. People and Partnerships 
  6. Collaboration and Community

Throughout the year, BDT2022 will partner with global mining organizations whose deep expertise in these industry enablers will bring the conversation to the forefront.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the necessity for a new way of thinking about mining," says Flewelling. "The industry’s future depends on attracting and retaining new talent, but the current perception is of an outdated industry where companies poach from each other amid a shrinking pool. BDT2022 is a golden opportunity for our community to convene and share strategies, tools and technologies that will improve operations and culture, enhance performance indicators, broaden the talent pool, and transform mining into the industry and workplace of the future."

"By going ‘remote-first’, mining companies will position themselves as leaders in attracting diverse talent and fostering an inclusive workplace," says Patti Pegues, Technical Leader Business Development, Vale and BDT Committee member. "The pandemic compelled mining companies to quickly develop solutions on the fly. BDT2022 is a chance for us to take stock as an industry, share experiences and lessons learned, and move forward together with purpose and vison."

"As Canada’s leading conference on mining innovation, #BDT2022 is designed for anyone interested in exploring the implementation of a ‘remote-first’ model while aligning with the mining industry’s safety, environmental, social and governance priorities through digital transformation," says Neha Singh, CEO, "We are proud to have donated over $100,000 to charities around the world, while bringing the mining company perspective on digital transformation and beyond to the forefront. Get Involved"

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