EZ VPN Introduces IOhub™, a New IIoT Open Platform Powered by Docker

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EZ VPN, Inc., the producer of IO Industry™ (https://www.ezvpn.online/ioindustry) products and provider of the most sophisticated Industrial Control System technology available on the market, today announced IOhub™, an open platform to control and manage data from industrial machines. EZ VPN continues its mission to simplify the transition to the new Industry 4.0 era and the implementation of new IIoT technology.

IOhub™ encompasses the same philosophy that EZ VPN applies to its IOcon™ remote access solution– a simple, reliable, and safe solution that can be adopted and used by any company in a very secure, affordable and transparent manner.

IOhub™ is a new Docker-powered open platform that allows all system integrators and machine builders to deploy preconfigured applications without the need to write complex custom software or codes. Also, system integrators will have total freedom to develop their own custom and private applications using their preferred technologies, frameworks, and/or languages, while leveraging and utilizing existing Docker “Blocks,” both from EZ VPN/IO Industry platform and from all existing Docker containers, public or private.

IOhub™ eliminates the need to spend a considerable amount of time writing boilerplate code by allowing the deployment of applications with a very simple and user-friendly interface.

IOhub, provides out-of-the-box “Docker” containers integration with many modules at no additional cost that includes:

–        Reading data from the field/machine, using the main industry protocols – OPC-UA, Modbus, Siemens, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, etc.

–        Sending and receiving MQTT messages

–        Storing data either on the device, on-premise or on the cloud

–        Creating custom dashboards

–        Setting alerts with automatic notifications.

–        Integrating the machine to the ERP system

–        Providing web access to the file system

–        Monitoring machine status

–        Transferring data to cloud platforms (AWS, Google, Azure, etc.)

–        Running automatic backups

–        … and much more.

Furthermore, all customers will also be able to simply build custom applications using existing containers that are readily available on Docker Hub or any other container registry.

The deployment of the application is simple and easy, as with all EZ VPN products. All IOhub™ services from all machines are deployed and managed from a centralized web site.

IOhub™ allows you to configure and deploy, on a remote installation or machine, a full-fledged system to collect data. You decide where to store data, on the cloud, on-site or even on the IOhub™ device.

In line with EZ VPN’s mission, we do not force customers to use proprietary language, frameworks, sdk, runtime, etc., but instead, we leverage the flexibility of open source Docker containers. We hide the complexity of setting up environments, installing, deploying, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring system statuses while keeping the reliability and security of an open-source solution.

For more information on IOhub™, visit https://www.ezvpn.online/ioindustry/solutions/iohub

San Diego, CA

Media Contact:
Paolo Denti

+1 858 778 2800


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