Enviro Power and Windings Achieve ETL Certification Under UL Standards for High-Efficiency Boiler That Also Generates Electricity

Enviro Power partnered with custom-motor specialist Windings to incorporate Mini Power Plant into First Boiler that Converts Lost Heat into Free Electricity

MIDDLETOWN, Conn., Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Enviro Power announced today that its innovative SmartWatt Boiler, which incorporates a mini power plant that was developed in partnership with Windings Inc., has achieved ETL certification under UL standards. The first commercial boiler that also produces electricity, Enviro Power’s product previously earned Intertek ETL certification.

The UL (Underwriters Laboratory) seal affirms that the boiler has been tested to nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. New Ulm, MN-based Windings – a firm with decades of expertise manufacturing small frame turbo equipment and a major provider of engineered electromagnetic solutions to such industries as Aerospace, Defense and Medical Devices – manufactures the power-producing, high-speed turbine generator inside the Enviro Power boiler. Burnham Holdings, one of the largest boiler manufacturers in the U.S. and Enviro Power’s manufacturing and distribution partner, recently launched serial production of the SmartWatt Boiler.

All three American manufacturers worked together to design a revolutionary new heating system that captures heat and steam lost in traditional boilers and converts it into useful electricity. Designed as a drop-in replacement for conventional heat and hot water system boilers, the SmartWatt boiler generates clean energy at 98 percent efficiency (HHV). All boilers are manufactured in the U.S.

“Thanks to the great relationships and hard work with our partners, we’ve achieved ETL certification and have kicked off serial production of the SmartWatt Boiler,” said Dan Nadav, Enviro Power CEO. “We’re ramping up to bring this game-changing solution to building owners seeking to reduce energy costs and lower their carbon emissions.”

Enviro Power selected Windings in 2020 as its partner to build the mini power-plant engine inside its boiler based on its longstanding reputation for developing quality solutions for critical applications. With over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom electric motors, generators and related components, Windings created and tested the engine’s prototype.

“We’re proud of how quickly we were able to bring the boiler to full certification,” said Robert Zaun, Windings Director of Strategic Marketing. “We’re excited about our partnership with Enviro Power as we further expand our capabilities into the clean energy arena.”

Utilizing existing heating infrastructures, the SmartWatt boiler is an easy-to-install drop-in replacement to regular heating systems that more than pays for itself over time by lowering a building’s energy costs. The SmartWatt boilers are also much more efficient and use less natural gas than the traditional boilers they replace, helping building owners in various segments lower carbon emissions. The boiler is installed and maintained at similar costs of a traditional boiler. U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut recently lauded the technology, naming Enviro Power a 2022 Innovator.

Enviro Power’s boiler generates near-zero cost, onsite electricity and continuous backup power while adhering to power load guidelines at the building and grid levels. The product is one of just a few commercialized hardware energy-saving technologies for buildings ready for mass production and deployment. It has already been installed in apartment buildings, college dorms and other commercial buildings.

About Enviro Power

Enviro Power is an advanced climate technology company that is revolutionizing the multi-billion heating system replacement market by incorporating a mini power plant into its SmartWatt Boiler, allowing property owners to generate on-site electricity within their existing heating system infrastructures. Creating a Distributed Energy Resource platform, Enviro Power’s patented technology integrates a simple, low-pressure steam turbine into a condensing boiler structure. The product helps reduce carbon emissions at the same purchase, installation and maintenance costs as replacing a traditional boiler. The SmartWatt Boiler is also positioned to become hydrogen-ready for future production of CO2-free heat and power.

The company has partnered with Burnham Holdings, the national boiler manufacturing company, for production, distribution, and warranty. The energy-saving product qualifies for the IRS Code 48 investment tax credit. Learn more at www.enviropowertec.com

About Windings Inc.

Windings, Inc. is an employee-owned company headquartered in New Ulm, Minnesota. Founded in 1965, Windings provides engineered electromagnetic solutions, including custom rotor and stator components, motors, and generators, for critical applications in a variety of industries. We pride ourselves as leaders and full-service providers in the designing, testing, and manufacturing of electric motors, and related components including rotors, stators, lamination stacks, and insulation systems. Windings partners closely with clients throughout the product development process to provide tailored solutions that are optimized for performance and production. Learn more at www.windings.com

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