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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Komax Systems, Inc., is leading the way by solving problems for the Pulp and Paper Industry with Desuperheaters.

Desuperheater Applications
The desuperheater has many applications within the Pulp and Paper Industry. Desuperheaters are necessary as they reduce heat or desuperheat the steam used in the drying process, and aides other heat transfer equipment.

The temperature of the steam needs to be accurately controlled as it enters the dryer roll.  This provides optimum results and longer shelf life for the equipment.

Saturated Steam vs Wet Steam
Saturated steam contains a high amount of latent heat which can be efficiently transferred to the dryer roll or heat transfer equipment.  When the downstream temperature is not appropriately controlled, it can cause thermal shock and damage the equipment.

Saturated steam is also used in the heating processes of water, pulp stock, white water, and green liquor needed for the chemical pulping process.

Wet steam does not carry as much heat as saturated steam and it can result in pipe erosion.  Using wet steam increases downtime and requires more maintenance, making it an inefficient option.

If superheated steam is not accurately desuperheated at the point of application, it can cause noise and vibrations in the steam heaters and spargers.

Desuperheating is Essential  
Desuperheating involves efficient and extended contact of steam and water, which vaporizes the water.  When water is not vaporized, it pools in the steam piping and is then discharged thru the steam trap.  Since the water used in steam systems is high quality and extensively treated, it makes for expensive wastewater.

Komax Desuperheaters Offers Solutions
The Komax Desuperheater solves the problems that mills have with steam and water processes. The Komax design offers high efficiency and extends the contact of steam and water, delivering a uniform temperature profile. 

While traditional desuperheaters need downstream runs as long as 30 pipe diameters, the Komax Desuperheater can often be installed with runs as low as 10 pipe diameters before the next part of the process.

Komax continues to improve on the technology that many industries and applications need not only in the Pulp and Paper Mills but other municipalities as well.

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