Despite Supply-Chain Crisis, Anduro Manufacturing Reports 99% On-Time Delivery Through All of 2021

ATLANTA, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Despite a worldwide supply-chain crisis in 2021, manufacturer of woven polypropylene bags Anduro Manufacturing announced that its on-time delivery topped 99% for the year.

This was during a historic year of logistics pain that saw container ships idling at anchor near west-coast ports, and extreme shortages of shipping containers themselves. This was at the same time that other shippers of woven poly bags — especially those with a manufacturing base in the Far East — saw on-time delivery drop as low as 40% in some cases.

Additionally, 99% marks an actual improvement from the 98% on-time that Anduro logs in a typical year, as the company redoubled efforts to assure that all our customers were well served.

How was Anduro able to deliver so ably for its customers in a year that has seen record-breaking slowness and clogged ports?

"It was just good old-fashioned planning," said Anduro CEO Marc Datelle. "You can have all the most advanced equipment in the world — and we do — but that’s nothing in the face of a crisis if you haven’t planned for the worst."

In Anduro’s case, planning began at its inception in 2009, involving everything from the choice of where to manufacture — Honduras, with its ready workforce and business-friendly government — to where the woven polypropylene bags it makes come into the United States, in Gulfport Mississippi. Anduro also needed to shore up its own supply-chains for raw materials as well. That work, which was done during a time of speedy seas and efficient ports, served Anduro and its customers well in a time of crisis.

"We significantly increased inventories of raw materials for all our customers given the various risk factors," said Maria Duron, Anduro’s Customer Service and Logistics Manager. "We keep close communication with our client’s procurement teams to be sure we are preparing for their upcoming orders. We have inventories of finished goods in our Gulfport, MS warehouse that also serve as safety stock for our clients."

"Every single customer we have got their bags when they needed them and where they needed to be," noted CEO Datelle.

A full 20% of orders in 2021 arrived ahead of schedule, a testament to careful planning and relentless focus on quality outcomes. And for the 1% who did not get their bags on time: They were received within 10 days of contract.

"Are we fortune-tellers? Of course not," said Datelle. "Anyone who pays attention to worldwide shipping knows that any disruption to the chain has knock-on effects throughout the system. We didn’t predict that Covid was coming. We didn’t know that ports would not be able to keep up. But we did base our planning that something could and would happen eventually and we wanted to be the company that kept delivering when it did happen."

"For our customers, there was no supply-chain crisis," said Datelle.

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