Denton Vacuum Wins Order for Infinity Biased Target Ion Beam Deposition System from Leading Laser Manufacturer

MOORESTOWN, N.J., June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Denton Vacuum LLC announces it won a new system order for semiconductor laser facet coating from a leading laser manufacturer. The Infinity Biased Target Sputtering system utilizes Denton’s patented bias target technology to provide the densest, lowest contamination optical films possible among all Physical Vapor Deposition methods, for best laser damage threshold performance.

Frank Cumbo, President and CEO of Denton Vacuum, commented that "We are pleased to leverage our recent investment in 4Wave Systems to offer our existing customers new technologies built on our production platforms. Combining 4Wave technology with Denton’s global support structure is very popular with our customers."

Dr. David Douglass, Senior Product Manager at Denton Vacuum, added, "Our bias target technology deposits uniquely low contamination films, and ion beam sputtering provides the lowest defect density. We combine these two capabilities to provide the purest, lowest defect films which allow higher laser damage threshold. This enables our customers to extract more power from individual laser diodes while lowering their cost per Watt."

Dr. Douglass continued, "In addition to servicing customers with these proven applications, we are aggressively expanding into new markets and applications such as ultrathin barriers, low resistivity contacts, and low energy etch for high performance computing. We believe our technologies offer significant performance advantages, because of their inherently low defect and contamination levels paired with our ion energy tunability.

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