Denton Vacuum Acquires 4Wave Ion Beam Portfolio

MOORESTOWN, N.J., Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Denton Vacuum LLC today announced it has completed a purchase agreement with 4Wave Incorporated covering ion beam deposition and etch technologies. This includes all equipment intellectual property and patents, as well as all process patents.

Frank Cumbo, President and CEO of Denton Vacuum, comments that "building off the success of our license agreement, this purchase agreement enables us to provide customers continued advancements in ion beam technology and comprehensive support through Denton’s global service and support team, while guaranteeing customers continued access to 4Wave process and equipment know-how."

Cumbo continued, "This purchase is part of Denton’s aggressive plan to expand our intellectual property portfolio, through both internal development and acquisition. Based on market feedback, customers are very pleased with Denton’s new ability to deliver more comprehensive technology solutions." 

Dr. David Douglass, Senior Product Manager at Denton Vacuum, added that Denton "now has complete control over existing system configurations and is in a great position to both support existing 4Wave customers and deliver new systems with 4Wave’s established technology and Denton’s advanced control systems."

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or call toll free 1-800-666-6004.

SOURCE Denton Vacuum