Chemcoaters Offering Green Galvanized via Regional International License

GARY, Ind., July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Chemcoaters LLC, a toll coil coater applying proprietary and other coatings, has announced an international initiative to offer an exclusive, three-year license to one producer in each of several selected regions, to allow early adopters to apply a lower CO2, less costly RoHS-compliant coating to galvanized steel. Patented worldwide, InterCoat®ChemGuard reduces the zinc needed to achieve equivalent or better corrosion protection, creating galvanized steel that uses much lower zinc coatings for similar corrosion performance, reducing the CO2 footprint of the producer and saving substantial cost.

"Significantly reduced production costs in combination with a reduced carbon footprint are fundamental to steelmaking today. While the main focus on Carbon Neutrality is naturally on the steelmaking side, with InterCoat® ChemGuard, we are supporting this target on the downstream galvanized product. This approach aligns perfectly with the worldwide effort," said Bruce Mannakee, Chairman of Chemcoaters. 

Long term independent test results show increased corrosion performance while using significantly reduced zinc. Chemcoaters offers a clear warranty on the product. InterCoat® ChemGuard, has been successfully applied by Chemcoaters for over nine years.

Domestic (US) mills will not be offered exclusivity, but a limited number of international producers will be given a head start on their competitors, to establish market acceptance and to gain the competitive advantage inherent in this advanced technology.  Regions with the most aggressive carbon reduction initiatives will benefit the most.

"We believe that reduced cost galvanize with superior performance has intrinsic value to the global steel industry," said Mannakee. "More than reduced costs, the large reduction of CO2 emissions adds even more value to InterCoat® Chemguard."

Creating one ton of specialty zinc ingots for use in conventional galvanizing releases 2.6 tons of CO2. As InterCoat®ChemGuard reduces the zinc required to achieve correlative rust protection from 46% to over 87%, depending on gauge and coating weight, there is significant reduction in the carbon footprint of the producer, as well as dollar savings per ton from US$20 to US$200. This guarantees a highly attractive ROI on the license fee, with few if any CAPEX requirements to apply this product.

Licensing agents for the product for North & South America: Mr. Chris Plummer of Metal Strategies,
, and for Europe, Middle East, Russia and Asia: Mr. Thomas Narholz of TEC Swiss AG,
. Questions and requests for further information may be directed to them or to Bruce Mannakee, Chemcoaters Chairman

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Bruce Mannakee
Chairman of Chemcoaters

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