CADDi Named a 2024 “Best Manufacturing Intelligence Software” by G2

  • CADDi Drawer earns high marks for its innovative approach to optimizing procurement and reducing costs in the manufacturing industry.
  • CADDi Drawer also ranks #1 in Easiest To Use Manufacturing Intelligence Software and #1 in Manufacturing Intelligent Tools for Driving Results, highlighting its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities.

CHICAGO, July 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CADDi, a leading global procurement solutions provider for the manufacturing industry, today announced that its innovative AI software, CADDi Drawer, has been named a “Best Manufacturing Intelligence Software” by G2. As manufacturers navigate a rapidly changing landscape, efficient procurement processes and real-time data analysis have become critical to maintain competitiveness. This recognition underscores CADDi Drawer’s essential role in enabling manufacturers to optimize procurement, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

“Being recognized by G2 as a leading manufacturing intelligence software is a testament to the value we provide to our customers,” said Yushiro Kato, CEO and Co-Founder of CADDi. “CADDi Drawer has been instrumental in transforming how manufacturers approach procurement, enabling smarter, data-driven decisions. We are proud of this achievement and remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and cost savings.”

As the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, G2 is visited by 90 million software buyers each year. To qualify for inclusion in the Manufacturing Intelligence category, a product must:

  • Gather manufacturing data from all systems and locations involved in production.
  • Provide features to clean and structure manufacturing data for easier use.
  • Deliver relevant information to employees and managers involved in production.
  • Analyze production data in real-time and alert users based on predefined rules.
  • Monitor KPIs and metrics for quality management, productivity, and cost control.

CADDi Drawer addresses procurement challenges by allowing users to visualize the costs associated with each product clearly. With its patented similarity search feature, users can effortlessly locate similar engineering drawings, enabling easy review and consolidation of designs. The AI system ensures that all data on each drawing is searchable, providing accessible information across departments.

In addition to being named a top manufacturing intelligence software, CADDi Drawer ranked in the following categories:

A product’s usability score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in user satisfaction ratings of how easy the product is to administer and meet business requirements, among other ratings. This recognition highlights CADDi’s commitment to providing a user-friendly interface alongside powerful capabilities, ensuring seamless integration into manufacturing workflows.

CADDi Drawer earned G2’s 2024 Best Manufacturing Intelligence Software because of customer feedback, including:

  • “Very Fast & Efficient Referencing”: “CADDi Drawer allows me to revisit past drawings that are critical to my weekly workflow. From what would usually take one to two hours to complete, an extensive quote brings it down to an average hour.”
  • “We can finally make the most of all the data we’ve collected”: I like being able to improve search speed in Drawer by combining keyword and advanced search.”
  • “Huge progress towards resolving long-term problems”: I am so impressed with the amazing application and staff. I highly recommend CADDi Drawer.”

Learn about G2’s methodology or read more reviews directly from CADDi users here. For more information about CADDi and its innovative solutions, visit CADDi’s official website. Watch our latest partnership case study with PUNCH Industry here and join our Supplier Negotiation webinar here.

About CADDi Inc.
CADDi is a global manufacturing company on a mission to “unleash the potential of manufacturing.” The company strives to transform the manufacturing industry through its primary offering, “CADDi Drawer,” an AI-enabled drawing management system, helping further unlock the potential of manufacturing by significantly improving the efficiency of procurement teams. CADDi was recently named to Fast Company’s 2024 Most Innovative Companies list as the only manufacturing technology company.

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