Author of “How to Invent Something” Wants to Redeem American Manufacturing

FREDERICK, Colo., Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Patrick Allen is the author of his new e-book/guide, “How to Invent Something.” A guide that teaches people what it takes to invent something and actually make money.

His story is filled with hardship, perseverance, hope, courage and action.  In his guide, he interweaves some of his personal experiences as he shares his secrets and insights from his past and his own journey of taking an idea, turning it into a reality, and taking it to market. 

After being successful in corporate America and holding executive level roles in supply chain and manufacturing, Patrick decided to spend more time with his family while servicing small business America.

After helping dozens of other businesses, friends and acquaintances build revenue online he learned the reality that the best products invented do not always make it to market. In-fact most of them don’t.

Patrick points to the film, “Pirates of Silicone Valley” a biographical drama. During the film the character of Bill Gates addresses the character of Steve Jobs during an argument. ‘Gates’ says “You don’t get it Steve. That doesn’t matter.” in response to ‘Steve Jobs’ character saying “we’re better than you. We have better stuff.” Gates’ character was depicting what has happened in Americas’ so-called “free market.” Where loopholes, profit and sometimes political leverage control what actually becomes successful.

Patrick says he wants to redeem American Manufacturing through empowering every day Americans to bring their dreams to reality, especially those wanting to effect positive change.

“If we can build a collective movement towards bringing the best to society, based on valuing ourselves and one another, we can spur each other on so that the fruits of our innovation will actually be for the good of people and we can redeem American Manufacturing.”

Free-market and capitalism is what gives us the ability to chase our dreams. Anything good can be perverted, and the only way for evil to exist in the world is for good men to do nothing, so we must do our best work day in and day out.

How to Invent Something is a guide meant to equip good men and women with the skills and knowledge to empower world changing inventors and business leaders to invent things that need to be invented.

In the guide Patrick states, “There are no shortcuts or get rich quick schemes that actually make people rich. It only comes with hard work, ingenuity and luck, and very seldomly, just luck.” he adds, “but you always need a plan.”

Learn more about the invention guide here.

About Patrick Allen

Patrick Allen owns multiple small businesses and wants to help others who are capable do the same thing, especially inventors.

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