Advances in Fluid Control Technology Yield Clean ID Metal Hose

GILBERTSVILLE, Pa., May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Penflex Corporation, a leader in flexible piping solutions, recently introduced a new metal hose product for the cryogenics, ultra-high vacuum, and semiconductor markets. 

Penflex’s Clean ID (CL3) Hose is manufactured without any internal tooling or fluid, necessary components in previous mechanical forming processes and in all hydroforming processes, respectively. The result is a hose without any of the greases, moisture, oils, or particulate left behind by other forming processes.

In high-tech applications where cleanliness is paramount, users must currently invest additional time and money in post-production cleaning, draining, drying, and subsequent testing to ensure desired standards are met.

“Advances in cryogenic and vacuum sciences are enabling ever greater levels of precision, creating the need for a new kind of metal hose in the process,” says Penflex President Robert P. Barker.

“We are excited about the benefits Clean ID delivers. It’s a product that will streamline the supply chain by removing several steps while also enabling more efficient processes. After all, you can’t take out what was never there!”

Penflex looks forward to supporting further advancements in these critical industries.

About Penflex
Penflex Corporation is a leading manufacturer of flexible metal hose and braid, metal bellows and expansion joints. The company serves a broad range of industries around the world. In addition to its signature product line, Penflex offers services such as failure analysis and specialized welder training. Based in Gilbertsville, PA, Penflex maintains a stocking warehouse in Houston, TX and operates a second manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to serve the Asia Pacific market.

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